Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I am so happy hubby is working at home because  I get some computer time. I love when he works at home he litterally entertains me. So this past weekend I got a few surprises. We were suppose to be getting our stuff together for this upcoming community garage sale instead Hao decided to go to Newport   Beach to buy some crab. Well that was a bust so he ended up at a yard sale (shocking). For those of you who don't know my husband loves yard sales or anything that he can get a bargain. At this yard sale he scored me some things that were scrapbook related (like I need more stuff). It turns out  things he picked up I already had. So I believe in paying forward I set it aside for my niece who is just starting out in the scrapbooking world (she has no idea what she is getting into). But I did keep one of the items and here it is.
It is much bigger that it appears. Those who have been to my house know that I have a thing for organization and plastic...hehehehe. I know my husband says it's an illness.
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