Friday, January 27, 2012

Feb 2012 Tag Swap

Hi Everyone,
I am off to mail out my tags for a February tag swap with Creatively Outta Control. I actually started them weeks ago but procrastinated in completing them. So yesterday I finished them. I originally wanted to create a mini kit but opted out  and made a complete tag ( only because I love the colors that represent Valentine's Day). For those that are in my swap here is a sneak peak at what you will be getting. Everyone will be getting one of each tag.

                       First Tag this is the front and back. Front image is from
                       a Inkadoo stamp and the border punch is Martha Stewart.
                       Tag stamps are from various stamps I had. The pocket
                       was made  from the dollar paper collection that I had
                       gotten from Target a couple of years ago.

The charms I made from various neckalces that I took apart.
The scallop heart is from Joann's and I ran through my
cuttlebug. The back of the tag has a acetate tag that
I ran through the cuttlebug. And the corner embellishment
is from a stamp that I layered and embellished with a rhinestone.

As you can see  I placed the individual tickets inside the border
punch. and to the left is a very mini clothespin that
I made with some glitter hearts that I had. On the border
punch I used double sided tape and sprinkled with glitter.
 And last but not least all the ribbon was from Joann's and Pinecone Press

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Great Day to be Creating

Hi Everyone,
Well it's a cool 61 degrees in Irvine,CA with the rain already passing this morning not a whole lot to do but to stay in and have a nice hot beverage. I was going to watch movies and relax. But with so much running through my mind of my mix media masterpiece I decided to take a step back and have a mental break. I am on to another project just for today. It was either go window shopping,sleep,watch movies or scrap. I am choosing the ladder. This what I came up with. I decided to create a binder for my Cricut cartridges. A fellow scrapper had done this and I thought it was great idea.  Thanks Sharon!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Mix Media Art Coming Soon

Hi Everyone,
About 2 years ago I had purchased this frame a our local flea market and  had wanted to turn it into a message board. But that never happened. So it hung in my scrap room with a half of a dress form that my friend Julie had gotten me. Last year it came down off the wall and went into my attic. Then all of a sudden I went to another flea market and came across this poster. I thought to myself that poster would be a cut out for a mix media project. So I bought for two reason 1.She looked like Grace Kelly ( love her as much as Audrey Hepburn) and 2. The poster was a replica by John French a famous English fashion photographer. Now she just could not stand alone in this 33x38 frame. Off I went to look at magazines for inspiration. I found a picture in a magazine at Joann's fabric store of a eclectic grouping of pictures on someones bedroom wall. I took note of that image hoping to create something great. Well it has been 7 months since that day and now that the holidays and other projects are behind me I decided to start this project. Out of nowhere I had a thought of how and what I was going to do. The project begins. Here is a teaser of what I will be using.

Please check back to see what I have created!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

January Tag Swap w/ CreativelyOuttaControl

Hi Everyone,
I don't know about you but for time to time I like to do other things besides LOs. For the past few months I have participated in a simple tag swaps. All you have to do is stamp 2 (10ea) different images on a standard tag and send to the person that is hosting. In return you get back 20 different images. Sometimes a mini kit is included (those are my fave). So I thought I would share what I received in the mail today. TFL.

Tag Set 1- Some of the persons did not include their info. Beautiful images!

Tag Set 2- This included goodies to complete your tag. I love getting stamp images with Valentines images.Adorable

Tag Set 4- This person included velum stamped images 

Tag Set 5  

Tag Set 6 

 Tag Set 7- I love to swap with Weeezie. She never disappoints. I have been in a few swaps with her and she always send great stuff. Thxs Weezie 

Tag Set 8- I love this stamp image very clean. And the tag was a 5x7. Love the big tags cause you can use them in minis. 

 Tag Set 9-This Tag is from Velma the host. She included other goodies that I will use on this tag. Oh and the tag she sent in is 8x4.  Love it! 

Tag Set 10- I love these tags the picture does not do it justice. This person sewed material and then attached it to the tag then layed the stamped dress for image on acetate paper. Jenny even went the extra mile and did the back as well. Just lovely! Thxs Jenny. 

Tag Set 11-This last picture are my tags w/goodies. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Peacock Card

Hi Everyone,
Well today was a full day. My dear Friend came over and we ate, talked, scrap, ate, and talked, all day. In between we went to another friends house and met up with a few ladies to scrap, laugh and just simply have a good time. I am sad now she has left and I won't be seeing her again till February. I  had made her several birthday scrap goodies along with this card. I hope you all like it. Have a wonderful evening and keep checking back. TFL.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Blue Treasure Box with Mini

Hi Everyone
I hope everyone had a great Friday the 13th. I don't know about all of you but my day went by so fast. I was chatting with my hubby and realized that I almost forgot to post today's project. I had been working on this little box for a couple of days. I could not figure out how to complete it. And then I thought to myself do not over think it and what do you know this is what was created. Until tomorrow enjoy and thanks for looking.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Chipboard Purse

Hi Everyone,
So yesterday for some reason I miss posting this project. The inspiration came from a purse I had gotten from my hubby when we were first dating.  I love going to see local artist and their work.  We had attended an art showcase where we met this wonderful designer Debbie Brooks from NY her art was put on purses. I just love the story behind the artist. She originally designed theses purses for celebrities and 50% of the proceeds were going towards women's breast cancer. My boyfriend (hubby) at the time said if you love it I will buy it for you. Besides we will be helping a great cause. Well of course I was sold.  It has been over 11 years since that day. I remember moving back to Irvine, CA from Tracy, CA and unpacking our personals and notice a box of my winter purses were missing. I was just sick and sadden at the same time that my treasure was lost. All I could think was maybe it got put in the donation boxes before we left. I had forgotten all about it until I was in our attic looking for something when I came across a box that had my winter purses(weird to have found it after 2 1/2 yrs.).  Well packed inside another purse was my little treasure. I was shouting with happiness she had been found.

Here is a picture of my art purse and a picture of my scrapbook purse I made the other day. Although my purse is not animated like Debbie's the intent was to make the shape similar. However in the future I will do another one in pink. But that's for another day. Enjoy and please feel free to leave a comment. TFL.

                                          Artist-Debbie Brooks of New York

Teal 4x4 Mini Album

Hi Everyone,
 I miss a friends birthday in Dec. So I decided to make her  a 4x4 mini using the DCWV paper line "Gone Wild" there were so many animal prints to pick from I thought I would to use brighter prints. After making the mini I wish I had gone bigger. I did not relize when you do these small books they become more challenging. Well I hope she likes it. Please feel free to leave a comment. Feedback is always important. TFL.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wild Card Cards/Using the Cricut Expression

Good afternoon all,
For those who own a cricut machine I have to tell you it's awesome. There are so many cute images along with all the fun things you can create. The possibilities are endless as long as you have an open mind. I personally love being able to create my design.  The two cards that I am going to post are from the wild card cartridge. As I look at these cards there are so many other things I can add to make it truly unique. Isn't the whole idea to keep you mind sharp and to do something you truly love. Just find your passion. TFL.

Other featured items used were cuttlebug embossing folders and 360 paper packs from DCWV for the envelopes. Yes they are handmade........

Monday, January 9, 2012

Audrey Hepburn-Classic Beauty

Hi Everyone,
I hope everyone had a great weekend. I did the weather was absolutely beautiful here. Took a bike ride with my hubby down by back bay between Newport beach and Irvine. It was a great ride but tiring. Okay on to what I was originally posting. Like every girl in a America you can't help but love Audrey Hepburn. She was a classic beauty. Her images are seen through out the world between posters, art works, clothing and now stationary. That is why I had to have this rubber stamp to which only reminded me of her. Not sure if the manufacturer was trying to emulate her but I think its pretty darn close. So in honor of Miss Hepburn I made this card. Hope you like it. TFL.

" The most important thing is to enjoy your life,to be happy, really it's all that matter" - Audrey Hepburn

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Yummy Cupcake Mini

Hi all,
I just finished this fun little mini. I am on a roll. My resolution to myself was to get through as many projects I can. My goal was to cycle though all the scrap "crap" I mean stuff before I even think about purchasing any more scrap items. If I do purchase it will be for viable tools only. I know what you all are thinking "No Way" with so many cute things coming out.  My faith in myself will allow this to happen only if my scrap buddies do not enable me. You know who you all are! It's called self control. So for now I will continue to focus my energy on the products I have and keep creating a project on a daily basis. Keeping the Faith. TFL.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

DCVW - "Gone Wild"

Hello  bloggers,
Well I have been hit hard with either severe allergies or an sinus infection either way yesterday was not a good day. I must have had 15 cups of green tea along with a few dosage of Sinex. But today I have a little relief although still feeling light headed and congested I am determined to fight it out.

I wanted to post this yesterday but could not find my way out of bed. So while I have a moment of clarity I thought I would share this with you all. Hope this post was worth viewing. TFL

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Leftover Valentines Scrap!

Hi all,
This is the last of the PineCone Press paperline "Be Mine" I was surprise how many cards I was able to make. I guess with a little creativity anything is possible. Tomorrow I will moving on the something different. I have a idea and I am hoping the prototype will come out. Wish me luck. And TFL.