Monday, February 27, 2012

Graphic 45 - Paradise Tag

Hi all,
This is probably the faster thing I have ever made. I was thinking of doing a swap with some fellow scrappers using any Graphic 45 paper. My thought is they can only use leftover pieces that they currently own.  But still maintain a theme. Thoughts anyone? TFL

Mini Mini Spring LO

Hello Everyone,
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I don't know about all of you but the weather has been somewhat crazy here in California.
Today I am going to show you what else you can make with left over scraps and a little imagination. This is what I call a mini mini layout .This 6x6 can be use directly on a layout or you can send it as a card. Either way it's a great way to use up all you scraps. Remember scraps are just not for card making or die cutting anymore.  

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nothing special...Just a simple thank you

Hello Everyone,
I dedicate this posting to those who have chosen to signed up to my little blog  I chose to create this blog as a personal crafting diary. My blog is not for fame or fortune but simply to show those who are connected to me what I am up to. As you can see I don't have flare buttons nor do I have major scrapbook advertisers. I just wanted my blog to be fun. I like to think my peeps are a savvy in hopes that they don't care about the bells and whistles. For this I am truly grateful. So from the bottom of my crafty heart thank you. And please stay tune for more posting to come.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feb 2012 Tag Swap Results

Hello Peeps,
I wanted to share with you the results of a tag swap that I was in. The swap originated by Velma Griffin at  If you have been following this blog I have been in several. I have to tell you this swap was incredible.What a great bunch of scrapper,stampers,card makers or whatever you may call yourselves. Here are the tags:

 This tag was created by our hostess. This a rather large tag. Lots of techniques to this tag from special painting,utee,stamping and glittering. This little piece of art will be displayed proudly. I so very happy you are my scrappin'sister.You never seize to amaze me. thanks a bunch...hugs to you!
P.S. The image below this tag is a paper pad that she added along with her tag. It will be put to good use.

The tag on the left was done by scrapchicky. She layered her stamp images. I love the stamp images

The tag to the right was done by weezie. She die cut the love image and stamp the red card stock so that you could put them back to back and added a few goodies.

How much do we love bunnies? Well this tag was done Virginia Abshire. She added some Easter goodies. Might have to use this on my upcoming Easter basket.

The tag on the upper left was done by Velma L.(not the hostess) She stamped on canvas and used velvet ribbon. The texture is incredible. Another wonderful ink blending technique. Simple and clean.

The tag in the upper middle was craeted by Archana. She use several inking techniques, multiple stamping layering. the texture on the card feels like fabic but you fooled its paper.This is a beautiful card for spring. Loving every element in this card

The upper right tag is reposted with comments below.

The bottom left tag no name love the inking blending and the stamp image. Wish I new who did this tag.

The bottom middle tag was created by Deborah Shoffner she embossed and stamped Love the heart image. Just in time for VD. 

The bottom right tag was done by Snowflakedreams she stamped and added a little mini kit. I love that the tag is big.

The tag on the left is by Jeannie Phenis this tag is gorgeous. the purle is awesome. I will have to really think of which of my friends is scrap worthy of this tag(that is if I part with it). Beautiful blending technique, matching fibers and of course the stamp image.

The tag in the middle in by Patti Swartz. Thanks Patti been in a couple of swaps with her and this bunny tag is "hopping wonderful"! Again beautiful lavender colors and lets not forget the die cut in the tag. You can truly appreciate the detail and love that went into this tag. There is no chance this tag will leave my collection.

The tag to the right was done by Melissa Tarrance. Love the embossing and the stamps images.

How cute is this collection? I call it my Lil' black dress tags. Mary David not only stamped she embossed, die cut her images. This is another little piece of art I will have to complete and to add to my collection. Not sure if I will let this one go....hehehehe

This very chic tag was done by Pam Holober. How can you not love any dress form stamp image. Also included was a few goodies to either add or to create another tag to go with this one. Just lovely! Another stick pin. Love when I get them. I adding to collection ( more like hoarding) .

I love when I get different color tags. Like this one from my other scrappin' sister Karen(aka laundryqueen). This was one of my hubby's favorite because the tag was in blue and the stamp image was white. Oh and the stick pin lovin it!

I don't know who these images are from there was no name. But I liked the theme in honor of Chinese New years. My only wish was that the image was stamped more clearly because I would have loved to had colored it in with my water colors.

Awww love this collection done by scrappin' sister Jen Valentine ...hehehe how appropiate her last name love it. Her whole kit was so adorable. I love Valentines with all the pretty bright colors and the goodies! She must have a very light touch I can never get my blending to be that soft.

This tag that Jenny Ashley made was SpeCtacUlaR! This posting does not do it justice you have to check her out on You Tube. Jenny submitted 2 type of tags. You will have to check her out to see the other tag she created. Our instructions was to just to stamp an image. But oh wow I was floored when I open my tag package. Love it again Jenny you have out done yourself. I am proud to call you my scrappin' sister. This tag is go no where. I am hoarding this one for me. Muah!

Here is another beauty by Sandy Larson. She is on You Tube as well. What impress me about her tag was she use so many different elements in her tag. And the earings you see in this picture are made out of paper. This an fun way to using paper. I have done this technique at retreat that I went to 2 years ago. But other than that I love this tag. She also added some goodies.

And last but not least these are my tags that I submitted

Creations from scraps!

Hello Everyone,
I know you all have scraps in some form or fashion. Well if you don't this is what you would be missing. I honestly say I am a hoarder of scraps. I use them for tags, stamping, card making  and of course whatever project I may have to do.

 Okay enough blah, blah, blah, and on to what the post is suppose to be intended for. Here are some things I have made with my scraps.

I made my own paper by stamping the images all over the pages( got the idea when my friend Julie she did it on a card she gave me). The ribbon is a scrap. The main card stock  is scrap pieces. The only thing that is not  a scrap is the stickles and ink.

The only thing that is not scrap pieces are the stamp images and the inking.

This is from left over cards and used lunch bags that I use for my husband lunch. I even made my own mini paper bags from part of the lunch bag that wasn't soiled. Scraps of ribbon from gifts that I had gotten from hubby. Embellishments are from pieces here and there that I got it mini kit trades (that I didn't use). But the main paper and pieces are scraps.

All the pieces are leftover items from a Valentines kit I had gotten 2 years ago.

This card has buttons from multiple tag tag trades. The girls I trade with always create mini mini kits with their tags. I don't always use them so I hoard them till I am ready to use them...LOL The tree stem is gold embossing powder that I had gotten at a stamp show. I surprised it came out well since I don't ever heat emboss. The paper is leftover from another kit ( I forgot to incorporate it into the project..oops!). Ribbon is a scrap (that was such a pain to make it that small. Simply because I have no coordination)

This is a mini card. I was trying out some new punches. And a $1 stamp (which I got in a trade). All the paper is from leftover scraps.

Frap card like no other!

Hello Everyone,
I was going through my card collection early this morning because I had an idea to not only to display my card collection but I am going to scrap my noteworthy cards in album. I know crazy huh! But for me they are special as if a picture is. Julie is my scrappin' sister who lives in L.A. She is an advid card maker. I had told her to post her cards on her blog but because her work schedule is grueling she makes her little pieces of art late at night. Sometimes I would get a text with picture of what she made. I feel very fortunate to get some of her special cards. So in honor of her here is the card she made me. Her inspiration is from a Starbuck's coffe sleeve and one of the flowers that I had given to her. Enjoy!

The front of the card as inking around the edges after distressed it. And the bottom is a stamped image that has been heat embossed with irresident powder.                      

The middle of the card with the sentiment is also embossed and the flower was made with recycled ribbon that I had gotten a long time ago. And the button was from a junk bag of jewelry I had purchased the the flea market last year.

The inside of the card is stamped with every girls favorite place Paris with one image heat embossed.There is a slit where the straw is as if you are drinking from the card.  I blocked the note that she wrote only because this is a personal card she made for me. Awesome creation!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Little Birdhouse Card

Hi Everyone,
I have 2 post today one is an update on a ongoing project and the other is this sweet little card.

Iridescent Glitter
Glossy Accent
Sizzix envelope die
Memento ink (brown)
Stazon ink (black)
color markers
Jewel rhinestone
Recollection card stock
Pop dots
My garden stamps
Fiskar crimper

Update on Mix Media Art Piece

Hello Everyone,
Today I finalized my design on my mix media art piece. I have so many different elements that are being added to this one of a kind design. I had originally chose script paper but was  not 100% sold on the fact that it had a cream hue to it. This is not the look that I wanted to achieve for such a vintage piece. Since the main character is in black and white it only seemed fit to keep the elements the all the same color scheme. So I purchased different background paper. I will keep you all updated as the changes occur. Happy Crafting!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Twilight Medallions

Hi followers,
The other day I had I posted about my adventure at Target. Well I forgot to mention that a few weeks back I was invited to a Twilight luncheon. And it was today. Yes you read right one of my friends was having a luncheon. Maggie who was the hostess had the movie on a projection screen along with custom Twilight decorations. It was incredible. The attention to detail was amazing. She also had a variety of raffles. In honor of the event I made our hostess a medallion to wear. Although I would love to take the credit for the idea I won't. Because it's not for me to claim. The design is mine though (not the concept).  A year ago I made a medallion at a make and take.  And the idea stuck with me ( because they were so easy to create). The concept originally was to be an embellishment I just changed it by making it wearable. I am Team Jacob. So here they are. TFL


Hi Followers,
I am sending Valentine's hugs and well wishes. I hope you all have a fun loving day with the person(s) that you love. As for me I am going to be having a nice quiet evening with my sancho. By choice. Hubby is cooking.....YUMMY!

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Hi Everyone,

Todays blog posting is not scrapbook related (not yet anyways). I wanted to let those that are Stephanie Meyers Twilight fans know that yesterday I stood in 3 different lines (each  line in 1 hr increments) at Target only to get a glimse of part 2 of the final chapter of Breaking Dawn and to get the limited edition release of the dvd. I know you must be thinking that I am crazy. Not really, considering the numerous of people who wait for the IPhones, IPads and any other hot items that are being released. We all have must haves.
So it came time to watch the trailer of part 2. But only to be dissapointed. One of the Target employees said the trailer would  run about 7 mins. There was so much excitement and anticipation roaring in the line. Then the trailer came on and it was nothing but the actors talking about the  Breaking Dawn part 1 and commerials galore for Target and "POOF" the viewing of part 2( I would say lasted about a minute) came and went. What a bust!

I had not stood in line for something so bad since I went I stood in line for tickets to see Madonna in 1984.
Other than getting the merchandise I had noticed that there were all age groups standing in line with me. I met one lady that was 70 that's what typed 70 years old and she was getting the dvd for herself. So now who is calling who crazy. I would not have changed anything about standing in line at midnight on a Friday night. Just the excitement of being part of something that some day could possibly go down as one the most iconic movies ever made.

I did not leave this event empty handed I got a t-shirt, limited edition dvd, soundtracks of the movies and a companion book. All was not lost. My journey was complete.

P.S. My husband thinks I am mental and need therapy. But don't we all?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Layout of David

Hello Everyone,
After reviewing my past postings I realized that I had not posted any of my LO's. Like so many of you I am a little behind on pictures which I still need to scrap. I have this amazing nephew who I love so much. He is smart, funny, considerate and most of all an amazing person. I could go on and on about him. Last year I had gotten this paper pack from husband as a gift. The paper pack is by Yellow Bicycle. It was too young of a style to do any of my husbands pictures so I decided to make a layout of David. It was so easy to make a simple design since the pictures I used were so playful. TFL.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

St Patrick's Day Tag Swap

Every now and then I will join swaps with different blog sites and sometimes with fellow crafters. This month I will be in 2 swaps . The first one is  through Paper Phenomenom were you have to make 10 completed tags in St. Patrick's Day theme. You could use any color as long as St. Patrick's Day is referenced on the tag. TFL.

Cuttlebug embossing folders
Custom stick pins
Vintage photos
Organza ribbon
Tulle ribbon
Celebrate ribbon
Recollection brads
MM brads
St. Patrick's day plastic gold coins
St. Patricks Day decorations (Joann's)
Recollection paper
Dollar Stamps by G Studio
StazOn Ink

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tag Swap

A quick post of tags I made for a swap at

Sweet Natalie

Hi Everyone,
Like I said before trying to get as many postings in as I can before I get on the road. I had done so many projects just ran out of time to get my post in. Our friends in Florida came during the holidays and they have the most kissable, adorable and squezable daughter name Natalie. She is part Malaysian(dad) and Guamanian(mom). So I made this little stocking stuffer for mom and to take back with them. I am telling you when you see her you would just want to give her a million little kisses.

Oakland A's Cd Mini


It's me again I wanted to get as many posts in today since I will be away from my computer the next 4 days. I have a friend that is a die hard Oakland A's fan win or lose. I could not believe it till I went to see her at work and her desk area what looked like a Oaklands A's store. On top of that she has dinner regulary with the players. That's how much of a die hard fan she is. Well she asked me to make her a mini album to put on her desk ( which I didn't see any room ...LOL). She wanted it kept simple and plain because she had he own embellishments. So I came up with this. I took old cardboard cd cases and created this book. What embellishments that are on it are from the internet or free hand. You just couldn't get plain as this.

Flower Pot Pens

Hello Everyone,
It's me again. Way before I showed interest in the flowers that are being produce. I use to buy stems of flowers. I would use the flowers for any project that I was doing at the time. My DH just reminded me that I should post what I created with the left over flowers. I created flower pens. I know you are probably thinking no biggie. They have been done before. But I have to tell you when I showed them to a couple of my die hard scrappin' buddies they wanted them. And believe me when I say this. My group of gal pals can be very critical. So here they are. Enjoy!

               This is my very first one I made and as a rule I never give away my first creation.