Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tragic death hits my scrapbooking world!

Cuttlebug dies by hand of owner. And this is my story. On February 27, 2011 my precious friend laid to rest. In an attempt to show a fellow scrap booker how to use her Quickcutz die a painful cries is released out of my cuttlebug. In my disbelief I tried to revive her.  There was not a tool in site that could save her. I stood there in shock and telling my friends she will be alright and it's was no big deal she's trooper. But deep down inside my heart was broken. She was broken. How could have let this happened.

I still remember the day I brought her home. We played every weekend together. Now that she has passed, I toss and turn sleepless nights wondering.  Did I treat her as well as she has treated me?  Did I give her the same unconditional love that she has given me day after day in my scrap room dungeon?  Is this normal to feel this way?  She was the Picasso of embossing, the articulate cutting of a samurai sword, and creator of such beauty like the fluttering hummingbird outside my window.  Oh how I miss her!

Scrap bookers I ask how long will the sorry last? When will the grey clouds pass to bring on the rainbow?


Little Hummingbird Cuttlebug Dinh
      Born                     Died
April 6, 2006    February 27, 2011

Just shy of reaching her 5th birthday


  1. What the hell did you do to it??!! Did you become an abusive mother and fling her across the room? I do hope you can find a new baby at a really reasonable price. I remember getting mine with a coupon at J's before they were all up on the "can't use that coupon on sale stuff", I struck a real deal. The handle did fall apart pretty quick-so I traded it in for a new one @ M's. That handle also fell apart. She's still here though-I've wasted too much gas on those trips!

  2. No.... I didn't throw her around. She is in pieces because my husband was doing surgery on her trying to save her.

    I put her on the donor I am waiting! You should see the comments on PP....Funny stuff