Friday, April 6, 2012

My New Addition

Hello Everyone,
TGIF! For those of you that are die hard scrapper you will appreciate this. A few weeks back I had a couple of scrappers over my house. At the time I did not realize the importance to having a proper work space and tools. After my guess left I was experiencing an enormous amount of pain through my back and neck area due to crafting that weekend. Since then it has been a couple of weeks in between the massages and pain medication I am finally getting back to normal.

But the story does not end there. A couple of years ago I had been introduced to the Scrap'n Easel. To be honest I was a little sceptical and opted out not to buy it (only because I thought it was too costly).Well who knew years later that I would regret that decision. I was starting to see it advertised more and more in the scrapping magazines. Well I told my hubby about it he said that I should maybe look into purchasing one if it will help relieve any future neck pain. But I was still on the fence. Weeks have come and gone. Then wouldn't you know it there is a knock at  the door and it's the  FEDEX. guy. I get a package that is addressed to my hubby. I was thinking it was for his work so I just put it aside. He then comes home and I told him there was a package for him and he proceeded to opens it. As I was watched him open the box and he pulls out what looks like a black mat. I said "hey that looks familiar". He said it should it's for you! I screamed of course realizing that it was the Scrap'n Easel. It was a beautiful thing! So now I introduce the must have tool. Thanks honey for this wonderful gift!

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