Sunday, December 23, 2012

Melissa Francis Rose Hanger Canvas Board Layout

Hello Everyone,
Today I am sharing a really cute scrapbook gadget. The hanger is one by Melissa's Francis. A while back I had seen the hanger at at the Scrapbook Expo and had purchased only one. But then to my regret I wish I had gotten more because they would have been idyllic to display my layouts in my craft space.

Well my thoughts were heard. A fellow scrapbooker and my dear friend Lindamae( sent me one for Christmas. Although I received a box from her last week and then called her to thank her she said "You were not suppose to open the box until Christmas Day". I had no idea she was going to add goodies in there. I thought she was just going to send me a paper cutter. OOPS my bad! But I love it.

In order to showcase this shabby chic hanger I made a very simple thin canvas layout. The paper is from  Quick Quotes. Enjoy!


  1. Your so busted for opening your gifts early! LOL. So glad your enjoying them.

  2. Sorry you should have wrote me a note like the one you left for the
    But I do love the hanger, my Paris board ( which I will post soon on the blog) and my paper cutter which I still have to break in.