Friday, January 20, 2012

Mix Media Art Coming Soon

Hi Everyone,
About 2 years ago I had purchased this frame a our local flea market and  had wanted to turn it into a message board. But that never happened. So it hung in my scrap room with a half of a dress form that my friend Julie had gotten me. Last year it came down off the wall and went into my attic. Then all of a sudden I went to another flea market and came across this poster. I thought to myself that poster would be a cut out for a mix media project. So I bought for two reason 1.She looked like Grace Kelly ( love her as much as Audrey Hepburn) and 2. The poster was a replica by John French a famous English fashion photographer. Now she just could not stand alone in this 33x38 frame. Off I went to look at magazines for inspiration. I found a picture in a magazine at Joann's fabric store of a eclectic grouping of pictures on someones bedroom wall. I took note of that image hoping to create something great. Well it has been 7 months since that day and now that the holidays and other projects are behind me I decided to start this project. Out of nowhere I had a thought of how and what I was going to do. The project begins. Here is a teaser of what I will be using.

Please check back to see what I have created!

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