Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Crafting Space

Hello Everyone,
Well I wasn't going to post these pics but I had to empty out my camera. For the past few years my DH wanted to redo our home office/guest room/scrap space. But between needing to have a home office, a place for guest to sleep and a place for me to create I could not hold out any longer. It was a go and to my surprise this is what was created. I am only going to show images of my creative space because after all this blog is all about crafting. To me this was better than any other gift he could have given me. Hope you enjoy the pics. If you have any questions please feel free to drop me an email.TFL

 This is my custom paper tray section. The image is starting from the right side of my room.

Close up of the draw pulls and the color labels

Side view of the counter

Front view of the main counter. Which measures 9 1/2 ft x 2 1/2 ft. The draws below house my $1 chipboard, paper bags, chipboard letters, staple gun, extra glue guns, fabric, unfinished picture frames, misc office depot tags, die cuts etc.

A view from inside one of the draws. This draw is located to where I sit so that I can have easy access.

This is the draw closest to the paper draws.

The front of the upper cabinets. I love these draw pulls.

This is inside a couple of the cabinets and yes this is all my stamps wood and acrylic put into cd cases and cataloged by number.

I have see so many people with these shelves and they don't max it out to it's potential. As you can see I took care of that! Love these got them both for $40.

This is the main area were I sit the counter space

My rotating tool caddy. As you can see I have utilized every inch of it.

My paper stacks are located directly under the counter where I sit. And to the right is my ribbon by color scheme.

This is an angle shot of my counter that has a custom dividers for my embellishments and all of the big tools I use.

A close up shot of a section of my embellishments.

I love this section of the room. My husband made this window bench that has a dual functionality. Below the bench is my seasonal paper packs, chipboard, glitter paper and embossed 12x12 paper.

Here is where I hang my other punches. Of course the best way to feature them was to use the IKEA utility bars. And to the right are some of my albums along with magazines, idea book, my embossing, cricut and stamp catalog. I have another section above my hubby desk that has more albums but didn't want to show it cause it has his work things on the desk. But maybe later when its free.

And last but not least a place to display my projects. Of course many of the items that I have made have been given to family and friends. But the ones that I made just me are sometimes displayed. This actually a 4 tier shelving unit.

This view is inside the draws fits 12x12 paper. backside is full sheets and the front is for scraps in between is custom spacers so there is no over flow. the size is about 26x13


  1. I just so love it! It is amazing....let me say it agian...amazing! Maybe some day I will be able to have a space like that.

  2. Oh my've organized the rainbow and the OCD in me is flipping out! I'm especially in love with those "pull" and "open" handles. Adorable! **love**

  3. Awww shucks! Well believe or not I built all the cabinet kits and helped hubby cut all the wood and counter top. It took us weekend to complete. and another weekend to unpack and set up.. When I originally packed up my room it was already organized so it made it easy to put everything away.

    Charleen: the knobs where hell to get. Especially so many. I went without for awhile. Actually went into Micheals and found them in the dollar bin. You know the Dinhs trying to save a buck. Your uncle is so amazing he designed the whole thing with my vision. You are welcome to come by anytime. We would love that. Seriously so OCD.....I think that is why your uncle married me.

  4. You are so organized! I love your crafting space. Hugs, Velma

  5. I absolutely Love,Love,Love your room! I try to organize, but I just don't utilize my room the way I would like to! I have lots of stuff!You are so well organized,you can make it into a career! Thank you for sharing and just being the awesome person that you are, I feel blessed to have met you. Paula you have a heart of gold! Your room looks like lots of you!