Sunday, January 2, 2011

Post 2

I woke up this morning feeling the aches and pains of age. Yes I said it age. Hao and I decided to start our day with a soak in the jacuzzi. I never thought I would venture into the boiling tub. Never really cared for it, it always seemed like I am cooking my organs. Hao laughs at me everytime I say that. But it felt great and I started to feel relaxed. Now I can see why he loves it so much.

Well I am venturing into " My Hole" (scrapbook room) as Hao would say to create my next creation. I want to do something fun for Valentine's Day. But with creativity can come challenges. I will try and get some inspiration from the all mighty youtube.

Wish me luck and keep an eye on the postings.

P.S. Honey I love you! If you are following my blog send me a comment.

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