Monday, January 3, 2011

Post 3

Okay so I am watching Mario Lopez on VH1 with Hao. Mario Lopez has come a long way from "Save by the Bell. Anyway I was happy to see Howie home at a reasonable hour. I really missed him today. I can't believe that Hao has not wanted to change the channel. I have to give him props  that he is not a control freak when it comes to the remote. He just goes with the flow. 10 Years with being with this man and he a still compassionate and loving person as to the day I met him.

Well enough of this mushy stuff. On to the showcase of the final holiday pop outs. Thank you Honey for fixing my pictures. I am sad that I didn't get pictures of all the books that I had done.

Hope everyone likes them.

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  1. Saved by the baby?? I saw that show in passing. It looked rather funny.

    You were busy today weren't you?!