Monday, April 15, 2013

Stinkin' Cute - Double, Double Lay out

Hello Everyone,

Here is my post for today. When I attended the Scrapbook Expo last year I saw a booth that had these fun and colorful lay outs. Although they were too animated for what I am use to. There were a couple double layouts that really caught my eye so much that I just burst into laughter as if someone just told me a joke (which in my head there was). Only because my husband and I have had these pet names for each other (like most). The lay outs reminded me of Pepe Le Pew the skunk and Penelope the cat.
As a pet name I call my husband  Pepe Le Pew (thats why I started laughing).  So over the years I have collected Pepe memorabilia to give to my hubby. Which he sometimes gets a kick out of only because he considers himself suave (not when he releases his scent.....hahahaha) romantic (which he so much is), and very funny.

So this post is dedicated to my husband Hao just for the simple fact you truly are my Pepe Le Pew. And to all that know us these layouts simply depicts us as a couple.

Thank you LegacyPaper Arts for designing the adorable layouts.

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