Saturday, February 11, 2012


Hi Everyone,

Todays blog posting is not scrapbook related (not yet anyways). I wanted to let those that are Stephanie Meyers Twilight fans know that yesterday I stood in 3 different lines (each  line in 1 hr increments) at Target only to get a glimse of part 2 of the final chapter of Breaking Dawn and to get the limited edition release of the dvd. I know you must be thinking that I am crazy. Not really, considering the numerous of people who wait for the IPhones, IPads and any other hot items that are being released. We all have must haves.
So it came time to watch the trailer of part 2. But only to be dissapointed. One of the Target employees said the trailer would  run about 7 mins. There was so much excitement and anticipation roaring in the line. Then the trailer came on and it was nothing but the actors talking about the  Breaking Dawn part 1 and commerials galore for Target and "POOF" the viewing of part 2( I would say lasted about a minute) came and went. What a bust!

I had not stood in line for something so bad since I went I stood in line for tickets to see Madonna in 1984.
Other than getting the merchandise I had noticed that there were all age groups standing in line with me. I met one lady that was 70 that's what typed 70 years old and she was getting the dvd for herself. So now who is calling who crazy. I would not have changed anything about standing in line at midnight on a Friday night. Just the excitement of being part of something that some day could possibly go down as one the most iconic movies ever made.

I did not leave this event empty handed I got a t-shirt, limited edition dvd, soundtracks of the movies and a companion book. All was not lost. My journey was complete.

P.S. My husband thinks I am mental and need therapy. But don't we all?

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  1. What the HELL! Woman, are you crazy...? I can see doing that for a scrapbooking item but not a have seriously bumped your head! LOL I still love you and would have brought you a burger and fries if I lived closer...