Thursday, February 2, 2012

Oakland A's Cd Mini


It's me again I wanted to get as many posts in today since I will be away from my computer the next 4 days. I have a friend that is a die hard Oakland A's fan win or lose. I could not believe it till I went to see her at work and her desk area what looked like a Oaklands A's store. On top of that she has dinner regulary with the players. That's how much of a die hard fan she is. Well she asked me to make her a mini album to put on her desk ( which I didn't see any room ...LOL). She wanted it kept simple and plain because she had he own embellishments. So I came up with this. I took old cardboard cd cases and created this book. What embellishments that are on it are from the internet or free hand. You just couldn't get plain as this.

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