Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Frap card like no other!

Hello Everyone,
I was going through my card collection early this morning because I had an idea to not only to display my card collection but I am going to scrap my noteworthy cards in album. I know crazy huh! But for me they are special as if a picture is. Julie is my scrappin' sister who lives in L.A. She is an advid card maker. I had told her to post her cards on her blog but because her work schedule is grueling she makes her little pieces of art late at night. Sometimes I would get a text with picture of what she made. I feel very fortunate to get some of her special cards. So in honor of her here is the card she made me. Her inspiration is from a Starbuck's coffe sleeve and one of the flowers that I had given to her. Enjoy!

The front of the card as inking around the edges after distressed it. And the bottom is a stamped image that has been heat embossed with irresident powder.                      

The middle of the card with the sentiment is also embossed and the flower was made with recycled ribbon that I had gotten a long time ago. And the button was from a junk bag of jewelry I had purchased the the flea market last year.

The inside of the card is stamped with every girls favorite place Paris with one image heat embossed.There is a slit where the straw is as if you are drinking from the card.  I blocked the note that she wrote only because this is a personal card she made for me. Awesome creation!

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