Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feb 2012 Tag Swap Results

Hello Peeps,
I wanted to share with you the results of a tag swap that I was in. The swap originated by Velma Griffin at http://www.creativelyouttacontrol.blogspot.com/.  If you have been following this blog I have been in several. I have to tell you this swap was incredible.What a great bunch of scrapper,stampers,card makers or whatever you may call yourselves. Here are the tags:

 This tag was created by our hostess. This a rather large tag. Lots of techniques to this tag from special painting,utee,stamping and glittering. This little piece of art will be displayed proudly. I so very happy you are my scrappin'sister.You never seize to amaze me. thanks a bunch...hugs to you!
P.S. The image below this tag is a paper pad that she added along with her tag. It will be put to good use.

The tag on the left was done by scrapchicky. She layered her stamp images. I love the stamp images

The tag to the right was done by weezie. She die cut the love image and stamp the red card stock so that you could put them back to back and added a few goodies.

How much do we love bunnies? Well this tag was done Virginia Abshire. She added some Easter goodies. Might have to use this on my upcoming Easter basket.

The tag on the upper left was done by Velma L.(not the hostess) She stamped on canvas and used velvet ribbon. The texture is incredible. Another wonderful ink blending technique. Simple and clean.

The tag in the upper middle was craeted by Archana. She use several inking techniques, multiple stamping layering. the texture on the card feels like fabic but you fooled its paper.This is a beautiful card for spring. Loving every element in this card

The upper right tag is reposted with comments below.

The bottom left tag no name love the inking blending and the stamp image. Wish I new who did this tag.

The bottom middle tag was created by Deborah Shoffner she embossed and stamped Love the heart image. Just in time for VD. 

The bottom right tag was done by Snowflakedreams she stamped and added a little mini kit. I love that the tag is big.

The tag on the left is by Jeannie Phenis this tag is gorgeous. the purle is awesome. I will have to really think of which of my friends is scrap worthy of this tag(that is if I part with it). Beautiful blending technique, matching fibers and of course the stamp image.

The tag in the middle in by Patti Swartz. Thanks Patti been in a couple of swaps with her and this bunny tag is "hopping wonderful"! Again beautiful lavender colors and lets not forget the die cut in the tag. You can truly appreciate the detail and love that went into this tag. There is no chance this tag will leave my collection.

The tag to the right was done by Melissa Tarrance. Love the embossing and the stamps images.

How cute is this collection? I call it my Lil' black dress tags. Mary David not only stamped she embossed, die cut her images. This is another little piece of art I will have to complete and to add to my collection. Not sure if I will let this one go....hehehehe

This very chic tag was done by Pam Holober. How can you not love any dress form stamp image. Also included was a few goodies to either add or to create another tag to go with this one. Just lovely! Another stick pin. Love when I get them. I adding to collection ( more like hoarding) .

I love when I get different color tags. Like this one from my other scrappin' sister Karen(aka laundryqueen). This was one of my hubby's favorite because the tag was in blue and the stamp image was white. Oh and the stick pin lovin it!

I don't know who these images are from there was no name. But I liked the theme in honor of Chinese New years. My only wish was that the image was stamped more clearly because I would have loved to had colored it in with my water colors.

Awww love this collection done by scrappin' sister Jen Valentine ...hehehe how appropiate her last name love it. Her whole kit was so adorable. I love Valentines with all the pretty bright colors and the goodies! She must have a very light touch I can never get my blending to be that soft.

This tag that Jenny Ashley made was SpeCtacUlaR! This posting does not do it justice you have to check her out on You Tube. Jenny submitted 2 type of tags. You will have to check her out to see the other tag she created. Our instructions was to just to stamp an image. But oh wow I was floored when I open my tag package. Love it again Jenny you have out done yourself. I am proud to call you my scrappin' sister. This tag is go no where. I am hoarding this one for me. Muah!

Here is another beauty by Sandy Larson. She is on You Tube as well. What impress me about her tag was she use so many different elements in her tag. And the earings you see in this picture are made out of paper. This an fun way to using paper. I have done this technique at retreat that I went to 2 years ago. But other than that I love this tag. She also added some goodies.

And last but not least these are my tags that I submitted


  1. This tag swap was amazing. Thanks so much for sharing it with me when you were up visiting. I have learned alot from you my friend...

  2. Thank you for posting our beautiful awesome Tags! You are a sweetheart! My swappers are the most creative talented people!!! Hug my friend, Velma