Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Twilight Medallions

Hi followers,
The other day I had I posted about my adventure at Target. Well I forgot to mention that a few weeks back I was invited to a Twilight luncheon. And it was today. Yes you read right one of my friends was having a luncheon. Maggie who was the hostess had the movie on a projection screen along with custom Twilight decorations. It was incredible. The attention to detail was amazing. She also had a variety of raffles. In honor of the event I made our hostess a medallion to wear. Although I would love to take the credit for the idea I won't. Because it's not for me to claim. The design is mine though (not the concept).  A year ago I made a medallion at a make and take.  And the idea stuck with me ( because they were so easy to create). The concept originally was to be an embellishment I just changed it by making it wearable. I am Team Jacob. So here they are. TFL

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